Jeroen Vinken's work is clear and direct for those who will approach it with an open mind. It is original, intense and full of latent aggression. There is no doubt or hesitation in any direction to be found in it. That is the lot of the observer who, whether he will or not, is always caught off balance. Together these things are the sign of the presence of true quality. Vinken doesn't make it easy for himself here because it will still be some time before this Ĺ“uvre gets the rank it deserves in our artistic world. Textile, and not only textile, is inescapably a loaded medium and was denied recognition as one of the fine arts for a long time, unless chosen by established artists: Oldenburg - Barry Flanagan - Beuys, to name but a few. This barrier which exists will stimulate rather than obstruct Jeroen Vinken. His work will gain in power and meaning from the challenge.

Benno Premsela

Jeroen Vinken uses the technique to reach a breakthrough in the design. Here originates a deeper bewilderment or surprise. How is the playfulness of the designs achieved? How does he combine the playful forms in a serious composition? His answers produce a new style in which the question of autonomy or applied art is no longer relevant.

Caroline Boot
Ton Wagemakers

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